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VoIP Terminology Explained

April 9th, 2008

VoIP telephone systems, office telephone systemsCall Logging – Reports can be produced for calls either from an extension or to a specific number.


Call queues – allow many lines to be held with your message prompts.


Call recording – Calls from extensions can be recorded by the phone system for use later.


CLI – caller line identification – allows you to see who is calling you before you lift the receiver.


DDI – Direct Dial In – An external phone number rings an extension directly


DID – Direct Inward dialling – Same as DDI


Digital receptionist – can route calls through to the correct department with ease.


Exchange Unified Messaging (UM) – Microsoft (R) Exchange provides for Voice Mail in exchange mail.


Integrated fax server – Users can receive and send faxes using Windows (R) Computers


IP – Internet Protocol – The language that all computers use over the internet.

 VoIP telephone systems, office telephone systems




ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network – Digital Lines supplied as 2 or 30, allows for clearer speech and more features like DDI


Music on hold – when you want to transfer a call music, or indeed an advert, is played to your caller.


Night Service – Allows ringing patterns to change at a particular time of the day.


PBX – Private Branch eXchange – Is a telephone exchange that serves a business or office


PSTN – An analogue phone lines


Remote accesVoIP telehones, VoIP terminologys or working from home is easily configured, allowing calls to be made and received from anywhere you are.


SIP – Session Initiation Protocol – Allows different types of IP Telephony to communicate seamlessly


Voice mail integrated with email – means that when a message is left for you an email is sent to your chosen email address.


VoIP – Voice-over-Internet protocol – Used by all IP Telephones to make calls over the internet.


VOIP enabled – giving you the power of the internet to communicate easily to you customers




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