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September 20th, 2011

3CX Myphone is a free productivity tool that enables you to control phone calls and communicate with work colleagues. In the last couple of years this tool has seen a quantum leap in functionality, and a major change to its user interface. This makes the 3CX MyPhone supplied with 3cx V10 SP2 the easiest and most productive version yet.


In this article you will find what 3cx Myphone gives you access to the Company and Personal Phone books, lets you manage calls by transfer, forwarding calls, setting your presence and communicating with colleagues.


3CX Installations, 3CX Support, 3CX MyPhone

Firstly the 3cx Myphone software is now based on a Microsoft web platform called silveright, this makes it very simple to deploy and upgrade on Windows and Mac OS X computers. 3cx have also intimated that future versions will be available on Apple’s iPhone’s IOS and Google Android phones.


3cx voip telephone systems


We had a look at the functionality of the latest version of the 3cx Myphone tool and here are the main features we found.


3CX Installations, 3CX Support, 3CX MyPhone


  • Dialler, the dialing function can be used to access the 3cx Phone system’s company phone book and a personal phone book associated with the extension it is associated with, the phone numbers can be dialled by simply typing in a name or number and clicking on the dial button. 3CX Myphone then dials the number and transfers the call to the extension number.


  • Voice Mail, this is a very easy way to manage the voice mail on your extension. You can instantly see Voicemails left and play them either through your extension, or from your Computer’s speakers. This function also allows you to delete voicemails that are not wanted or ones that have already been listed to.


  • Presence, allows you to set the extension’s out-of-office status and what to do with calls that are directed to the extension. The features of this function are extensive and allows some very complex call routing if required. Set the presence to available will send calls to the extension as normal.



3CX Installations, 3CX Support, 3CX MyPhone

  • Call history, this displays the history of calls that have been dialed and received and missed by the extension number that 3CX MyPhone is linked to. This is very useful for calling people back who perhaps did not leave a message of your voice mail.


  • In call functions, this allows the user to perform several operations on a current call, ie transfer the call, add the call to a conference, place the call on hold or record the call. These functions are very easy to implement as all it requires is a click or drag of a mouse.


  • Phonebook, the phone book can be used to store and dial internal or external numbers from. They are two phonebooks that can be accessed, the first is a personal phonebook for the extension number that 3CX MyPhone is connected to, and the other is the company phone book which are numbers that can be accessed by any user on their 3CX MyPhone.


3CX Installations, 3CX Support, 3CX MyPhone


  • Messaging, the 3CX MyPhone software gives every user the ability to send instant messages to any other user, this is useful if a user is already on the phone and another user wants to send them a message. The message will pop up on the computer screen even if the 3CX MyPhone is minimised.


3cx voip telephone system


So as you can see, all in all the 3CX MyPhone Application is a very powerful tool which allows call and contact management and instant messaging, giving the user a simple interface to these sometimes complex functions of a PBX phone system.


If you would like to know more about the 3cx Phone system in general or the 3cx MyPhone program for Windows and Mac then contact us, we will be pleased to help.


If you would like to read the manual that 3CX have prepared then please click here


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