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3CX Call Center Edition

November 24th, 2011



It’s all about your agents, well that’s what 3CX think anyway, the 3CX Call Center Edition provides vast array of extra features to an already feature rich affordable PBX system with Enterprise features for Small to Medium size businesses.



“Customer service is key in today’s cut throat market. The 3CX Call Center Module allows small and medium businesses to deliver superior customer service without having to buy an expensive enterprise call center. Previous to the 3CX Phone System, adding much needed call center features to your phone system was prohibitive” – Nick Galea, 3CX CEO.


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Below are the features that are currently in the 3CX Call Center Edition, they give comprehensive control over incoming calls to agents.


Listen in, Listen & Whisper and Barge in

3CX Call Center Module also features Listen in, Listen & Whisper and Barge in functions, allowing the supervisor to monitor agent responses.


Customer service supervisors can listen into an agents call with the Listen feature. If the agent isn’t too sure on how to respond to the customers’ request, the Listen & Whisper feature allows the supervisor to provide feedback to the agent only, allowing him/her to take the best course of action with regards the customers request. The Barge in feature allows supervisors to join calls directly.



Call Back Feature

Additional Queue Strategies

Besides the Call Back Queue strategy, the 3CX Call Center Module also features a Round Robin Queue strategy and a Longest Waiting strategy which sends the call to the agent that takes the longest time to answer on average. Least Talk Time and Fewest Answered strategies are also available, as well as Hunt by Threes Random and Hunt by Threes Prioritized. These additional 3CX strategies allow a business to more accurately tailor how they wish to serve their customers or divide the calls amongst the employees.


Service Level Agreement Alerts

The 3CX SLA Alerts feature allows supervisors and managers to be notified when callers have to wait beyond a configurable amount of time. In addition the event can be logged, so that you can do SLA reporting to customers. Customer satisfaction can be ensured with the 3CX SLA alert feature, as staff can act immediately if a given customer service level is not met.


Wrap up Time

Wrap up time gives agents a configurable amount of time to enter notes in the customer record or follow up tasks before they have to take another call.



3cx voip telephone systems



3CX have produced this YouTube presentation on the 3CX Call Center Edition


If you are in the South of England, especially in the Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth or Isle of Wight areas and would like to talk more about the 3CX Call Center Edition then please feel free to contact us.


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