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3CX & Microsoft Windows XP Support

July 17th, 2012



Since the announcement that 3cx has released the new version (version 11) of the 3CX Phone System, and 3CX Myphone for Windows, IOS and Android, many of our existing customers have been asking Century IT Services why the new version of 3CX, version 11 that offers so many improvements as a phone system, now isn’t supported on Microsoft Windows XP.


This blog entry will hopefully answer that question explain the direction that software companies like 3CX are going in.


Many software companies create their software using a Microsoft development system called .net. This framework gives developers a stable platform to access all the different flavours of Microsoft Windows with ease, so that they can create the software code once and it will run on any version of Microsoft Windows. The disadvantage with this framework that when Microsoft decide to drop support of a certain version of Microsoft Windows from this system the software developers have to drop it from new versions of their software too. And that is really where we are with 3CX and Microsoft Windows XP.


3cx voip telephone system


If you stand back and look at Microsoft Windows XP the answer really is clear. Windows XP is now a very old Operating System that started off in 2001 and Microsoft have been trying to retire since the fated Windows Vista was released. Microsoft have extended support for XP but now that Windows 8 is looming the time has come to move on.


Support for Microsoft Windows XP has now stopped and it is now on ‘extended support’ and even this will stop in 2014 which isn’t really that far away. After the extended support period has ended no new security updates will be released. This will make Windows XP vulnerable to attack from new viruses and malware.


The other major reason for dropping Microsoft Windows XP is that 3CX are now developing their software to run using 64bit native code. The advantage of developing 64bit software is that the 3CX will run more efficiently on newer hardware. This means that the same hardware will be able to reliably handle more extensions, lines and conference calls etc. when running the 64bit version of the 3CX Phone System software.


3cx voip telephone system

To see more information about the latest version of 3CX phone system please see http://www.3cx.com/blog/featured-2/whats-new-in-3cx-phone-system-11/


Microsoft Windows availability and life cycle













Microsoft Windows End Of Support










More information of Microsoft’s life Windows lifecycle can be found at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/products/lifecycle



This list of supported and unsupported Operating Systems is taken from the 3CX Web Site


3CX Phone System Version 11




• Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate/Enterprise SP1 (32-bit & 64-bit)


• Windows 2003 Web/Standard/Enterprise/DataCentre Editions (32-bit & 64-bit) (Abyss Only)


• Windows 2003 R2 Web/Standard/Enterprise/DataCentre Editions (32-bit & 64-bit) (Abyss Only)


• Windows 2003 SBS (Abyss Only)


• Windows 2003 SBS R2 (Abyss Only)


• Windows 2008 Foundation/Web/Standard/Enterprise/Datacentre (32-bit & 64-bit)


• Windows 2008 R2 Foundation/Web/Standard/Enterprise/ Datacentre (64-bit)


• Windows 2008 SBS (64-bit)


• Windows 2008 SBS R2 (64-bit)


• Windows 2011 SBS Essentials/Standard Edition (64 bit)




NOT Supported


• Windows 2000 and earlier


• Windows XP


• Windows Vista Home Basic/Premium Edition


• Windows 7 Starter Edition/home/premium Edition


• Windows 2008 for Itanium-based Systems


• Windows 2008 R2 ServerCore



If you are in the South of England, especially Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, or Isle of Wight areas and would like to talk more about the 3CX Phone System software, then please feel free to give us a call.



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3CX Call Center Edition

November 24th, 2011



It’s all about your agents, well that’s what 3CX think anyway, the 3CX Call Center Edition provides vast array of extra features to an already feature rich affordable PBX system with Enterprise features for Small to Medium size businesses.



“Customer service is key in today’s cut throat market. The 3CX Call Center Module allows small and medium businesses to deliver superior customer service without having to buy an expensive enterprise call center. Previous to the 3CX Phone System, adding much needed call center features to your phone system was prohibitive” – Nick Galea, 3CX CEO.


3cx voip telephone systems



Below are the features that are currently in the 3CX Call Center Edition, they give comprehensive control over incoming calls to agents.


Listen in, Listen & Whisper and Barge in

3CX Call Center Module also features Listen in, Listen & Whisper and Barge in functions, allowing the supervisor to monitor agent responses.


Customer service supervisors can listen into an agents call with the Listen feature. If the agent isn’t too sure on how to respond to the customers’ request, the Listen & Whisper feature allows the supervisor to provide feedback to the agent only, allowing him/her to take the best course of action with regards the customers request. The Barge in feature allows supervisors to join calls directly.



Call Back Feature

Additional Queue Strategies

Besides the Call Back Queue strategy, the 3CX Call Center Module also features a Round Robin Queue strategy and a Longest Waiting strategy which sends the call to the agent that takes the longest time to answer on average. Least Talk Time and Fewest Answered strategies are also available, as well as Hunt by Threes Random and Hunt by Threes Prioritized. These additional 3CX strategies allow a business to more accurately tailor how they wish to serve their customers or divide the calls amongst the employees.


Service Level Agreement Alerts

The 3CX SLA Alerts feature allows supervisors and managers to be notified when callers have to wait beyond a configurable amount of time. In addition the event can be logged, so that you can do SLA reporting to customers. Customer satisfaction can be ensured with the 3CX SLA alert feature, as staff can act immediately if a given customer service level is not met.


Wrap up Time

Wrap up time gives agents a configurable amount of time to enter notes in the customer record or follow up tasks before they have to take another call.



3cx voip telephone systems



3CX have produced this YouTube presentation on the 3CX Call Center Edition


If you are in the South of England, especially in the Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth or Isle of Wight areas and would like to talk more about the 3CX Call Center Edition then please feel free to contact us.


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3CX MyPhone

September 20th, 2011

3CX Myphone is a free productivity tool that enables you to control phone calls and communicate with work colleagues. In the last couple of years this tool has seen a quantum leap in functionality, and a major change to its user interface. This makes the 3CX MyPhone supplied with 3cx V10 SP2 the easiest and most productive version yet.


In this article you will find what 3cx Myphone gives you access to the Company and Personal Phone books, lets you manage calls by transfer, forwarding calls, setting your presence and communicating with colleagues.


3CX Installations, 3CX Support, 3CX MyPhone

Firstly the 3cx Myphone software is now based on a Microsoft web platform called silveright, this makes it very simple to deploy and upgrade on Windows and Mac OS X computers. 3cx have also intimated that future versions will be available on Apple’s iPhone’s IOS and Google Android phones.


3cx voip telephone systems


We had a look at the functionality of the latest version of the 3cx Myphone tool and here are the main features we found.


3CX Installations, 3CX Support, 3CX MyPhone


  • Dialler, the dialing function can be used to access the 3cx Phone system’s company phone book and a personal phone book associated with the extension it is associated with, the phone numbers can be dialled by simply typing in a name or number and clicking on the dial button. 3CX Myphone then dials the number and transfers the call to the extension number.


  • Voice Mail, this is a very easy way to manage the voice mail on your extension. You can instantly see Voicemails left and play them either through your extension, or from your Computer’s speakers. This function also allows you to delete voicemails that are not wanted or ones that have already been listed to.


  • Presence, allows you to set the extension’s out-of-office status and what to do with calls that are directed to the extension. The features of this function are extensive and allows some very complex call routing if required. Set the presence to available will send calls to the extension as normal.



3CX Installations, 3CX Support, 3CX MyPhone

  • Call history, this displays the history of calls that have been dialed and received and missed by the extension number that 3CX MyPhone is linked to. This is very useful for calling people back who perhaps did not leave a message of your voice mail.


  • In call functions, this allows the user to perform several operations on a current call, ie transfer the call, add the call to a conference, place the call on hold or record the call. These functions are very easy to implement as all it requires is a click or drag of a mouse.


  • Phonebook, the phone book can be used to store and dial internal or external numbers from. They are two phonebooks that can be accessed, the first is a personal phonebook for the extension number that 3CX MyPhone is connected to, and the other is the company phone book which are numbers that can be accessed by any user on their 3CX MyPhone.


3CX Installations, 3CX Support, 3CX MyPhone


  • Messaging, the 3CX MyPhone software gives every user the ability to send instant messages to any other user, this is useful if a user is already on the phone and another user wants to send them a message. The message will pop up on the computer screen even if the 3CX MyPhone is minimised.


3cx voip telephone system


So as you can see, all in all the 3CX MyPhone Application is a very powerful tool which allows call and contact management and instant messaging, giving the user a simple interface to these sometimes complex functions of a PBX phone system.


If you would like to know more about the 3cx Phone system in general or the 3cx MyPhone program for Windows and Mac then contact us, we will be pleased to help.


If you would like to read the manual that 3CX have prepared then please click here


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Skype to 3CX Gateway

July 22nd, 2011



A clever feature of the 3CX VoIP telephone system is the ability to configure a Skype VoIP Gateway.


Basically this Skype / VoIP Gateway allows Skype users to make free telephone calls straight into your 3CX telphone system.


Incoming Skype telephone calls are received by the 3CX VoIP telephone system, and can be dropped directly into a Ring Group or Call Queue and therefore can be routed in the same way as all of the other incoming phone calls.


3cx voip telephone systems



The main benefit of a Skype to 3CX VoIP Gateway is the flexibity offering to clients, prospect and employees wanting to telephone the office.

Many hotels nowadays in the U.K and abroad offer wifi service which can be used by your remote and mobile workers and therefore is ideal.


If you are looking to make some productivity improvements to your I.T system, why not give us a call to find out how we can Empower Your Business For Growth


Useful Links

3CX & Skype Requirements

3CX Website

3CX Brochure


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3CX Business Telephone System

March 3rd, 2011

3cx certified partner
Are you looking for a feature rich and modern telephone system for your office but thought it was beyond your budget? Think again – ask us about our 3CX phone systems where features like voicemail, call recording, call queues, and music on hold come as standard.



If you tell us about your business, we can give you an informed opinion on how to empower your business for growth.



If you are not talking to your clients and prospects who is?

3cx voip telephone systems
If you are you looking to make some productivity and customer experience enhancements to your phone system and have discovered these types of features can be costly to implement – why not take a fresh look and find out what a 3CX based VoIP telephone system can do for your company?


Like anything, if you don’t understand the product properly, know its capabilities or how to exploit its capabilities you are not getting value for money.office voip telephone system


Century IT Services are Experts, we know how business works and how vital systems like office telephones and I.T need to be a ‘turnkey solution’.


A telephone system that is designed for business will give your company the competitive edge, after all if you are not talking to your clients and prospects who is?



3cx voip telephone system


 Are You Missing Incoming Telephone Calls?


Like any business, missing an incoming call can mean a loss of business or opportunity, in a busy office missing vital calls from prospects and customer happens more often than you know!


A 3CX business telephone system has many clever features that you may only expect to see in high end or corporate telephone systems, these can minimise or even eradicate losing of incoming calls


• Ring Groups3cx voip telephone systems
• Call Queuing
• DDI’s
• Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist
• Hunt Groups
• Voice Mail
• Voice Mail to Email
• Music On Hold / Advertising On Hold
• Caller Ring back
• Bounce calls to a queue
• Bounce Calls to mobiles
• Wall chart to monitor queue status
• 3CX software for workstations
• Night Service so calls out of hours and on public holidays go to voice mailbox



A correctly specified business telephone system will become a tool of the business increasing efficiency and productivity, effectively improving your bottom line – your profit!


3cx voip telephone systems


Tell me a bit more about these Features


Ring Groups – and hunt groups will ensure that if a phone call isn’t answered within a reasonable amount of time the incoming call will bounce to a group of people in a predetermined hunt pattern.

DDI’s – mean that callers can dial the extension of a user directly rather than telephoning the company published number or switchboard

Voice mail – will ensure that if the telephone call is not answered within a pre-set time the caller has the option to leave a message – these voicemail messages can also be forwarded via email to mobiles.

3cx voip telephone systemQueuing – What normally happens if you get a sudden influx of incoming telephone calls? We are pretty sure that some calls are lost and callers give up and ring off. With call queues, incoming callers are queued and answered in turn; whilst they are waiting you can ensure they are kept entertained by music on hold or an advertisement on hold.

Bounce Calls to Mobiles – incoming callers can speak their name and calls can be sent to user’s mobiles, mobile users will have the option to hear the caller’s name and decide if they want to accept the call before it put through.

Caller Ring Back – Rather than a caller wait for the phone to be answered, they can enter their phone number and the 3CX will call them back without losing their place in the queue

Music on hold – on hold advertising is the way to go, the days of a poorly digitised green sleeves is back in history with windows 95.   There are plenty of companies on the internet from which you can provide a script, select your voice over and the type of music you want – most can be royalty free, prs free and ppl free.

3CX software for workstations – the 3CX MyPhone software can be installed on workstations so you can easily monitor the status of phone extensions (busy/free/away), call queues, add callers to address books as well as change user specific preferences.

Night Service – The phone system can be programed to automatically go to an answer machine outside office hours and even be preprogramed with bank holidays

3cx voip telephone system


I have existing phone lines, how will 3CX work with these?

There are a range of hardware modules (VoIP Gateways) to interface existing BT analogue lines (PSTN), ISDN2e or ISDN30 digital telephone lines.

There are also a choice of modules to allow options for to make telephone calls direct from your telephone system though a mobile phone gateway directly onto mobile networks such as O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile.

If you have inclusive mobile tariffs that include free mobile to mobile telephone calls – this can be cheaper and more cost effective than using BT line to make a call to a mobile


Would you like a Demonstration?

If you thought a new office telephone system was not within your budget think again – tell us how many phone extensions you are looking for and ask for a no obligation quote!

If would like a demonstration to see what a 3CX VoIP telephone system can do for you, deployed and installed expertly by Century IT Services give us a call or fill in our online enquiry form and book yourself a demonstration.


How will you plan your new office telephone system??

3CX Brochure    –      www.3cx.com


If you are looking for an explanation of VoIP acronyms – please review our VoIP terminology page on our BLOG


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VoIP Terminology Explained

April 9th, 2008

VoIP telephone systems, office telephone systemsCall Logging – Reports can be produced for calls either from an extension or to a specific number.


Call queues – allow many lines to be held with your message prompts.


Call recording – Calls from extensions can be recorded by the phone system for use later.


CLI – caller line identification – allows you to see who is calling you before you lift the receiver.


DDI – Direct Dial In – An external phone number rings an extension directly


DID – Direct Inward dialling – Same as DDI


Digital receptionist – can route calls through to the correct department with ease.


Exchange Unified Messaging (UM) – Microsoft (R) Exchange provides for Voice Mail in exchange mail.


Integrated fax server – Users can receive and send faxes using Windows (R) Computers


IP – Internet Protocol – The language that all computers use over the internet.

 VoIP telephone systems, office telephone systems




ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network – Digital Lines supplied as 2 or 30, allows for clearer speech and more features like DDI


Music on hold – when you want to transfer a call music, or indeed an advert, is played to your caller.


Night Service – Allows ringing patterns to change at a particular time of the day.


PBX – Private Branch eXchange – Is a telephone exchange that serves a business or office


PSTN – An analogue phone lines


Remote accesVoIP telehones, VoIP terminologys or working from home is easily configured, allowing calls to be made and received from anywhere you are.


SIP – Session Initiation Protocol – Allows different types of IP Telephony to communicate seamlessly


Voice mail integrated with email – means that when a message is left for you an email is sent to your chosen email address.


VoIP – Voice-over-Internet protocol – Used by all IP Telephones to make calls over the internet.


VOIP enabled – giving you the power of the internet to communicate easily to you customers




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What is VoIP and how can it benefit me?

March 7th, 2008

VoIP is a technology which converts speech into computer data packets so it can be transmitted over computer networks and the Internet. For years msn messenger, Skype and Microsoft net meeting (to name a few) have been providing software that utilises VoIP technology to enable users to communicate over the internet with phones and video calls. Use of these technologies has boomed since the advent and more widely take up of broadband solutions for home and business users.snom-870


Traditionally for a business, a telephone system would have involved a piece of telephone system hardware where all your office telephones would have been wired back to. For many this was probably one of the biggest investments a business might make.


With the evolution of computing, the internet, broadband and network technologies, computer networks are being used for a wider range of functions than the traditional file and print.


A software based business VoIP telephone system can be installed for a fraction of the cost of a traditional hardware PBX/PABX telephone system. It can utilise existing computer network cabling without the need for separate phone wiring. You can also choose from a wide range of VoIP handsets, often mixing and matching different handsets as your business requires. The benefit here is you are not fixed to a single provider or manufacturer.


With a VoIP telephone system you can enjoy features which would only normally be present in large or corporate phone systems i.e. call queuing, music on hold, digital receptionists and integration into your CRM solution to name a few.


These additional telephone features can help your business by ensuring it is more productive

  • The digital receptionist can route call to the correct person or department, increasing efficiencies rather than your customers or suppliers waiting for a ringing phone to be answered.
  • The call queuing feature may be useful if you receive a lot of calls and don’t want to miss a call, incoming calls can be queued and then answered in turn.
  • The CRM integration maybe useful if when the telephone rings, the callers information is displayed on your CRM system, i.e. account number, credit limit, order details etc




Another advantage of VoIP telephone systems is the ability to place telephone extensions at remote locations:-


  • The Director’s home office
  • A remote or home worker
  • An out of hours emergency telephone
  • A branch office


These remote telephone extensions can be a part of the office telephone system and can be used in the same manner as the office telephones, i.e. to take or make telephone calls, transfer calls, conference calls. As the VoIP technology works over the internet, as long as the remote location has a suitable internet connection, all that is normally needed is a VoIP compatible telephone.


Besides making and receiving telephone calls via your traditional phone lines (i.e. Analogue or ISDN) you can also have the benefit of making telephone calls out over the internet. Using a VoIP provider on the internet you can make telephone calls to anywhere for a fraction of the cost of a traditional land line. There are a lot of VoIP providers on the internet, all seeming offering a similar service, I would recommend seeking professional advice before choosing one.


To discuss which phone system and features are suitable for your company, call Century IT Services on 02380 070101, if you mention this blog article you can claim 10% off your order!




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