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October 15th, 2009

90% of businesses that found themselves without data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy inside 2 years*


 Backup Problems - Need IT Support

Many businesses know that without the ‘Company Data’ there is no business, but many still take the risk and don’t check their backups daily or perform any test data restores.

Businesses that experience data loss soon find themselves with an interruption to their business whilst data recovery methods are explored. The risk is never worth the cost, lost ‘company data’ simply can’t be replaced


What can be done?

  • Ensure your computer network is Proactively Monitored
  • Get your I.T Support Company to test your backups regulary
  • Take a secondary backup using an Online Data Vault




Proactive monitoring can help prevent interruption to business by identifying problems before they affect your business, for example flagging alerts for failed backups.

Testing backups on a regular basis can help ensure that data can indeed by restored from supposedly good backups.

Taking secondary backups helps reduce the risk of data loss should a failure occur, there is an old adage that you can’t have too many backups!



Making backups to an Online Data Vault using a fully encrypted Internet connection to a secure location has many advantages :-


20,000 Laptops are lost or stolen every year

20,000 Laptops are lost or stolen every year

  • Your data is guaranteed safe and secure


  • It’s quick and easy to set up
  • It’s affordable and reduces costs
  • Being fully automated it eliminates human error
  • Restoring data is quick and easy
  • Scalable solutions for all sizes of business




Having a secondary system of backups to restore from in the event of a disaster situation gives business owners peace of mind that their business critical data is always safe and available.


How Does Online Data Backup Work?

1) Any online data backup solution assumes you have an internet connection and that you have at least ADSL, DSL or Cable.

2) You normally install some specialist backup software on the machine that hold the data you want to backup

3) You choose what types of data you can backup

4) You schedule the Online Data Backup software to backup at a time which is convienient to you

5) A backup of your selected data is made to the Online Data Backup Provider



What Should I Look for When Choosing an Online Backup Solution?

 1) Transferring your data across the Internet is normally not secure, you need to make sure that the Online Data Backup Provider uses secure encryption technologies to secure you data as it travels over the internet to stop unauthorised interception.

2) An important consideration is also where will your data be stored, Online Data Backup providers would normally hold your data in a data centre, it would be in your best interest to find out if your data is being held within a U.K data centre or one in another country.

3) Find out if your data is stored at the data centre in an encrypted format and who else has access to your data.

4) What about in the event of a complete restore being needed? Downloading everything via your Internet connection will be compartively much slower than by your local tape backup. Does your Online Data Backup provider offer a Disaster Recovery Option? Can they deliver your data to you for restore, quickly?

5) Besides being able to back your files and folders, does your Online Data Backup provider provide the software to backup your Exchange email or SQL databases?



In summary, additional to the local data backups you would normally make as part of your I.T maintenance procedures, having a secondary backup of business critical data using an Online Data Backup provider is a sound choice.

Using an Online Backup Data Vault will help reduce the risk of data loss, it can be especially beneficial in any business continuity plan.



Dont Risk IT


Talk to us to find out how you can ensure your business critical data is also backed up to an Online Data Vault and we will offer you a Free 30 Day Trial.  (Contact Us)


Remember 90% of businesses that found themselves without data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy inside 2 years!



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* Source – London Chamber of Trade & Commerce