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Plus Net – autoturn.plus.net SMTP Store & Forward

August 7th, 2011

Do you use Plus Net as an ISP for Email?

This will affect your business if you currently use Plus Net’s SMTP Store and Forward service.

You need to be aware that Plus Net are ceasing their Email SMTP Store and Forward Service (autoturn.plus.net)

We have had notification fromMicrosoft Small Business Specialist Plus Net that it is their intention is to cease the Email SMTP Store & Forward service they provide to save costs. If your company uses this service from Plus Net it will mean you will lose incoming emails. To ensure you don’t lose emails you must take steps to make alternative arrangements for your SMTP Store & Forward service – there is a deadline of the end of September 2011

If you are unsure what this actually means to your business, please give us a call to discuss this important matter.

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Plus Net link – http://community.plus.net/forum/index.php/topic,97124.0.html/

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