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3CX Certified Partner

June 7th, 2009



Our commitment to supplying our customers with an alternative to the traditional phone system increased in June as one of the partners attended a VoIP phone system training day in London.


This has given Century IT Services a detailed knowledge of the way that VoIP based phone systems can be very flexible and cost effective solution for our customers.


They could potentially save large amounts of money in call charges and provide a flexible system with features that only enterprise systems offer for example; Voice Mail for all extensions, a Digital Receptionist and tele-conferencing.


Also another benefit is that this system runs on a standard Computer running a Windows Operating System so when the computer gets obsolete the phone system software can be easily transferred to a new one.


The course was run by 3CX the powerful software which is at the heart of the phone system that Century IT offers. Since the training Rick Burt now has been certified as a “3CX Valued Professional”.


This means that Century IT Services has proven itself in installing and configuring the 3CX phone system software in a variety of scenarios. It also has access to the 3CX Support team and other support resources.


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