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Securing a Wireless Access Point

January 17th, 2012


From a network security point of view you should assume that every Wi-Fi system is insecure! Yours included!




By leveraging the technology built into wireless access points and routers you can make your Wi-Fi system more and more secure but it’s ‘safe’ to say that anyone with enough time and resources will be eventually be able to circumvent your Wi-Fi security and gain access to your network.


By properly securing your Wi-Fi you can make it more difficult and time consuming for a hacker to breach your Wi-Fi security and hopefully less likely to want to spend the time on your Wi-Fi system and move onto an easier target.


The time a hacker can take to break into your Wi-Fi system increases significantly if you implement the following technologies:-


  • Increasing Wi-Fi Encryption Level
  • MAC Address Filtering
  • Binding IP Address to MAC Address
  • Hiding a SSID
  • Replace old hardware which only works on WEP


In the same context that any internet connected computer’s security can be breached, any Wi-Fi system’s security can be breached.


If you need help or advice securing your network, give us a call. We don’t just do Wi-Fi but are experts in computers, networks, servers, internet and email.



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