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Broadband Running Slow or Dropping Out?

March 5th, 2012

Broadband Troubleshooting


If you are struggling with your broadband performance or reliability you may be noticing that some or all of the following anomalies:


  • Broadband drops connection and reconnects
  • Broadband download speed terribly slow
  • Download speed is slower than upload speed
  • Broadband connection drops when you make a telephone call


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If you are suffering from a combination of the symptoms above, we would advise you work through the following recommendations to troubleshoot your issue. Basically your broadband provider will get you to do these tests anyway before they investigate your issues.


1) Replace the Micro filter(s)

2) Test broadband with Router is plugged into BT Master Socket

3) If you have added any internal BT wiring in your office disconnect this to rule out any internal wiring faults

4) When you have a suspected broadband issue you can usually access the router from your computer/laptop to check to see how long the router has been online and whether the broadband is connected

5) Run the BT broadband diagnostics http://speedtester.bt.com (you will need java on your computer)

6) Plug in a normal analogue phone and listen to the dial tone – is it crackly / noisy line?

7) Try a replacement Router or Modem


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The BT speedtester website diagnostics will need to be run at least 3 times although you can only use the website once every three hours.

Once you have completed the above speak to your ISP and report the fault. They can have a look at the diagnostics report and decide if there is a fault with either the ISP, BT Exchange, External wiring or internet to your building.

Please try all of the above before getting a BT engineer out, our experience is a BT engineer’s visit will cost you around £130 even if they do nothing and find a problem with your internal BT wiring or even a ‘no fault found’


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