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What Makes Business More Pofitable

January 5th, 2015

iStock_000025972037SmallIf you are hoping for you business to be more profitable then I.T plays a big role in this.


You don’t need the largest or most expensive I.T systems to run your business, but you will need it to run reliably and efficiently.


Our expert advice service will ensure that any I.T investment will be properly matched and suited to your business.


Profitable Businesses are ones whose I.T run like clockwork


With years of technical know how working with businesses like yours, we know what types of solutions and technologies suit certain types of businesses.

Technology in the hands


Carefully planned I.T budgets ensure that any I.T investment makes the biggest improvements in productivity, efficiency and help reduce business running costs.


Why not have a confidential, no obligation discussion about your I.T wants and needs?



Century IT Services are based in Totton, Southampton. Hampshire and can help you with the installation or on going I.T support of your computer, server and network. We offer a broad range of I.T services covering, internet, email, anti-spam, anti-virus solutions, we are experts in virtually anything Microsoft Server based and have extensive troubleshooting skills.


If you have an ever growing list of I.T niggles or need a server, or network installed, you have come to the right place. You can contact us on Tel. 023 80 070101 or email us at sales@century-it.co.uk for a confidential, no obligation discussion of your requirements

My IP Has Been Blacklisted What Can I Do

May 17th, 2011

sypware, malware, key loggers, viruses I think my IP Addresses may have been ‘Blacklisted’

If you are trying to send email but emails are being bounced or not delivered to the recipients email system – your IP may have been blacklisted.

Your IP address can be ‘Blacklisted’ for a number of reasons

  • You have a virus or malware on your PC or network which is sending out SPAM
  • You have been reported for sending out SPAM
  • Your Mail server / Exchange server has been compromised

What can you do? Well the first thing is to make sure that your computer system including your server is free from viruses or malware and if it is infected remove the infection as soon as possible. There are many companies that offer ‘blacklist’ services on the internet, the longer you leave the problem, the more ‘blacklist’ systems you will start to appear on.Microsoft Small Business Specialist

If you can’t find any viruses or malware on your computer systems after running a full scan using your current antivirus software I would recommend you try some alternative antivirus software and run another full scan.

Once the infection is removed you can run through a process of requesting your IP addresses are removed from the ‘Blacklist’ To find out which ‘blacklist’ you are on you can try one of the following MX Toolbox, Black List Check, SPAMHAUS or one of the many other ‘blacklist’ providers.

Depending on which ‘blacklist’ you are on you may be able to get your IP address removed within hMicrosoft Partnerours, although some removal requests take days or even longer. I would recommend you are absolutlely certain the virus/malware or server compromise has been resolved before you request removal from a ‘blacklist’ otherwise your removal request will likely suffer unnecessary delays.

Often the reason behind the ‘blacklist’ can be complex and beyond the skills of a normal computer user and you may need to speak to an IT professional to rectify the situation.

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