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Dragons at Quilley School – The Dragons Den

May 17th, 2016


What an exciting update to publish today!!


Quilley School Dragons

Quilley School Dragons, Lesley & Russell from Sainsburys, Nicky Goodridge Assistant Head Teacher & Angela Wright Partnership Director Crestwood College (incorporating Quilley School)


If you remember from previous Blog posts, the most promising and viable business ideas from each class were put forward for consideration in the final Dragons Den scenario which took place on the 17th May 2016 at Quilley School in Eastleigh.


This was a pivotal moment for each student company to hone their skills and further develop their Dragons Den pitch, with PowerPoint presentations and handouts.


The finalists were 14 student business ideas that were pitched to the Dragons.


Business ideas ranged from: –

Gym and Fitness Clothes Company, Wholesale pet supplies, a Company that made a Phone APP, Pet Photography Business, a Cube Prototype to help kids tell the time, Book Mark for Dyslexic people, Pet Sitting and Dog Walkers, Bespoke Perfume Bottle Company, Fruit Smoothie Company and several other viable business ideas.


Special recognition should go to the Bespoke Perfume Company whose Dragons Den pitch was the only solo presentation as the other members of the student’s team were out on a school trip. To stand in front the Dragons and the other students and give their pitch solo, was a notable and courageous thing to do.


Each Dragons Den pitch was scored out of 10 for the following categories: –

  1.  Business Idea
  2.  Business Planning Process
  3.  Marketing Strategy
  4.  Financial Forecast
  5.  Teamwork
  6.  Pitch


The winners and runners up were presented vouchers from Sainsburys and also Sainsburys made a donation to the school


Prizes donated by Sainsburys were presented by Lesley Powell and Russell Oakley who are based at the Hedge End Store, with certificates presented by Chris Herbert, Economic Development Officer, Eastleigh Borough Council.


After much deliberation, the winners can be announced as the following: –


1st Place       Book Huggers
Specialised kind of book mark which has different coloured overlays and a clip on light to help dyslexic people read

Quilley School - Book Huggers

1st Place – Book Huggers, Chris Herbert – Eastleigh Economic Development Officer, Angela Wright – Partnership Director at Crestwood College (incorporating Quilley School)



2nd Place       Bespoke Perfume Bottles
Bespoke and Individually tailored perfume bottles which can be designed online at the Perfume Company Website

Quilley School - Perfume Company

2nd Place Bespoke Perfume Company, Chris Herbert – Eastleigh Economic Development Officer



3rd Place       Fruiti Fresh Smoothies
Natural and free from artificial ingredients and preservatives made from locally sourced fruit and sold at sporting events and gyms


Quilley School - Fruiti Fresh

3rd Place – Fruiti Fresh Smoothies, Chris Herbert – Eastleigh Economic Development Officer


Paul Marsh Scores a Hat Trick as the Most Successful Dragon!


Paul Marsh was naturally pleased that 3 of his Dragons Teams were short listed to pitch their business ideas to the Dragons panel and the other school students.


And especially pleased when those students that were in his business enrichment group were all voted as the best business Dragons Den pitches in the school.


Quilley Certificate

Quilley School Appreciation


Paul says that it was recognised that all the winners came from his Year 9 Tutor Group and accepts that he had his part to play in this competition in ensuring his students stood a good chance of winning (which they did)


Although Paul also believes that the Group Tutor Teacher Mr Pascal Garrard deserves the most recognition, as he is the teacher which is with these student’s day in, day out, every day of the week and the students are a credit to his dedication to the profession of teaching.


Paul would also like to point out that each of 14 student company finalists who pitched their business to the dragons were winners in their own right as far as the Dragons were concerned.


Although some students didn’t win the Dragons Den competition this year, they deserved to be congratulated for their effort and ingenuity and should not give up on their ambitions of having their own company one day. In fact this competition has really shown that the students in the very least have the ideas and enthusiasm to start their own businesses.


Perhaps next year, they could tweak their business plans and re-present their business ideas to the Dragons again. As there were so many good ideas, and unfortunately out of the whole school there could only be 3 winners


The Quilley ‘Dragons’

Rayner Brammall (Desauty Ltd), Roger

David Vane (SBGN)  Robin , Simon Whitbread (SBGN) ,

Martin Samuel (Words Finance) , Terry Murphy (Grasshoppers Don’t Walk),

Chris Herbert (Eastleigh BC), Lesley Powell (Sainsbury), Russell Oakley (Sainsbury),

Angela Wright (Crestwood), David Pollard (FSB), Nicky Goodridge (Quilley),

Paul Marsh (Century IT)


Next Year

It is envisaged, that due to the success of this business enrichment activity which had the whole school buzzing with interest and dedication, that this type of event might become a yearly event.


So if you are a local business owner who can spare some time to tutor some students in business studies, please contact FSB Wessex, Quilley School or SBGN and leave your contact details, as all offers of help are gratefully received.



Dragons at Quilley School – The Pitch

May 11th, 2016


All Previous Classroom Training Had Been Leading to This Event


Paul Marsh of Century IT’s class of year 9 students consisted of 7 student business groups that had a split of both service based and product based business ideas


The service based student businesses consisted of the following:-Quilley School Dragons


  • Home Cleaning Business
  • Barbers Shop
  • Dog Grooming and Walking Service


The student product based businesses consisted of the following:-


  • Bespoke Jewellery using recycled materials
  • Special type of Book Mark which had different overlays and a light for dyslexic people
  • Tailored and Bespoke Perfume Manufacturing Business
  • Fruit Smoothie Company



All the previous classroom sessions have been leading up to this event, to prepare the students for a Dragons Business Pitch to win funding for their business product or service. As previously mentioned, Sainsburys in Hedge End have offered to put up the prize for the winning company


Students were naturally nervous and worried about their Dragons Pitch and presenting their business idea to their peers as well as the dragon


The dragons den pitch put forwarded by each student group was Impressive and it was obvious a lot of thought had gone into mechanics of each business


Each student business group had considered the company formation and company name, key people and roles, market research, marketing and financials. Bearing in mind the students have no prior business experience, each pitch to the dragon was impressive and reflective of the effort that has been put in by each student business group


In Paul Marsh’s opinion, all of his year 9 students were winners and likely to have successful businesses and it would be difficult to pick just one from the 7 potential businesses to go forward into the final round.


Paul didn’t want the Students whom didn’t progress onto the next level of selection to be deterred and they should seek to tweak their business plans accordingly. After all, although this is an educational game at this stage, there is no reason why each business should not start ‘for real’ if the students are passionate enough about their ideas.


Paul’s year 9 group was larger  than the other groups and it was decided that there possibly could be room to pass more than one student business through the the final selection


Watch this space for more information when we have it!!!