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Business Dragons at Quilley School Eastleigh

April 24th, 2016

Quilley School Dragons


Over a period of 6 weeks starting in April 2016, Paul Marsh of Century IT Services and other local Business Dragons have donated their time to Eastleigh based Quilley School (Crestwood School) to assist the 200 year 7, 8 and 9 students with their school Enrichment Activities.


Angela Wright of Quilley school had approached both the Federation of Small Business and Solent Business Growth Network for assistance with the pioneering project to involve local business owners and Directors to help teach business skills to the students.


The aim was to draw on the Dragons business knowledge, skills and understanding, in helping the students develop a prototype product or service.


This would be accomplished by giving the students tuition on forming a business from their own ideas, writing a business plan to include both the branding, market research and financials, with the best student’s companies pitching their new start-up businesses to the team dragons on week 6 to secure start-up funds for their business idea.


Sainsburys in Hedge End have been very gracious and supportive and have donated some money for the students winning company.


Century IT’s had some very bright and intelligent Year 9 Students in their group


Their ideas for their businesses were a Dog Grooming and Walking Service, a Fruit Smoothie Drink Company, a Professional Cleaning Company, a Barbers, a Perfume Manufacturing Business, a Business which made jewellery from recyclable components and a company that makes and supplies novelty book marks, all viable and potentially successful businesses.


Paul Marsh of Century IT Services says ‘he believes these Student Enrichment Activities are a great idea and a massive opportunity for the students, by directing students towards success, building confidence and providing transferrable business skills will help prepare students for a working life beyond school by giving them the skills and encouragement to succeed’


‘It is highly likely that a large number of students will end up working for other local small businesses and hopefully a number of students will go on to start their companies.’


Unfortunately there is only one winner from each Dragons group and the final choice will be difficult one to decide with so many great ideas for business start-up.


Once the winning student start-up business is found, further updates will be published here.


A big thank you to all the Local Business Dragons who have donated their time to Quilley School:-

Paul Marsh of Century IT Services

David Vane of SBGN

Simon Whitbread of The Business Conversationalist

Max of Mobius Media

David Pollard of Arkenley Lane

Andrew Jenvey of AIMS Accountants


Useful Links

Quilley School Website http://www.quilley.hants.sch.uk/        


Crestwood School Website http://crestwood.hants.sch.uk/


Sainsburys Website https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/


Federation of Small Business Website http://www.fsb.org.uk/regions/wessex