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Windows 10 – What do i need to know as a business owner?

August 28th, 2015

Windows 10 is the latest version of desktop operating system from Microsoft it will come preinstalled on all new computers and laptops.



Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft is also rolling out free upgrades to users of  Windows 7 and Windows 8


The biggest  problems you will encounter will likely be compatibility with existing systems or software and the staff learning curve.


From our experience, it does seem to be a great operating system, on our same hardware, it seems marginally quicker than Windows 8 and also we were pleased to find the start menu back. One of the biggest pieces of negative feedback we had for Windows 8!


We have noticed, Microsoft is being crafty with the Windows 7/8 critical updates and automatically including Windows 10  upgrade unless your specifically deselect the option rather than the opt-in approach. This means your staff could inadvertently upgrade without realising.


In the News, Microsoft is being closely scrutinised about its  new Privacy Policy which has a lot of businesses nervous.




We would recommend  upgrading a couple of non essential computers and ensuring all your business software works correctly before  entering into a mass upgrade of all business computers and laptops.


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