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Digital Profiles – Revisited

November 30th, 2013


Back in July we published a BLOG article on Digital Profiles where we discussed what a digital profile was and talked about different examples of digital profiles.Business man holding board on the background, Data Protection

July’s Digital Profile Article – Click Here


It is interesting to see a article in the press recently about your T.V spying on you. Basically if you have one of the new ‘Internet Connect’ Smart T.Vs then your T.V could be spying on you.


MailOnline – Is Your TV Spying on You?


An I.T Expert Called Jason Huntley wrote a BLOG about his LG Television spying on him and supposedly sending unencrypted data to Korea??


I would imagine that the above news article would easily stretch to Smart DVD players and games consoles.


With recent worrying articles in the Press about the NSA and GCHQ and the ‘Prism Program’ we can’t help wonder to what extent our private lives are being spied upon and what purpose.


I think most people are happy for Internet traffic to be monitored if it stops terrorism and helps protect the world and its citizens, although I also believe that normal law abiding people are entitled to a level of privacy and shouldn’t by under the constant scrutiny of big corporations or government departments.