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March 8th, 2013

Office Broadband Connection Running Slow?



Is your existing broadband connection not meeting your expectations, are you are finding your internet slow, remote access to the office goes at a snail’s pace, emails taking an age to send or receive?


You could be suffering from an under performing ISP or broadband connection.


In the first instance, you should speak to your existing provider to see if anything can be done to improve your broadband connection or if indeed there is a technical fault that would explain the poor performance.




Options to Improve


1) Ensure Office Broadband is on your ISP’s Business Option or Tariff

Home broadband connections or free broadband connections especially ones that are included within your phone line rental are generally throttled in some manner and not suitable to for business use.


2) Check your router, is it old, out of date? not suitable for ADSL 2+ connections ?

Replace your router with a more modern one


3) Check to see if your office can get BT Infinity  or equivalent service from your existing ISP


4) Move Broadband suppliers to one that prioritises Business Broadband internet traffic over non business related traffic


5) Migrate from standard broadband connection to fibre connection


Upgrading your office internet connection could prove costly if you are either in contract with your existing provider or purchase a new internet connection which doesn’t really meet your business needs. If you are looking at changing providers or replacing your existing internet connection with a higher grade internet connection, please speak to us in the first instance for advice.


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