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Social Networking for Business Guide

November 23rd, 2012


Since about mid-2007 social networking has seen a massive boom in popularity, leading us to a point now where if you were to approach anyone around you and ask if they have LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter account, you’ll most likely get resounding “Yes!”

Social Networking for Business

Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have an ever accelerating membership rate and have proved to be both useful and troublesome websites. But what benefit if any can these social networking sites do for business?


What benefit if any can social networking sites do for business?


For some businesses social networking can provide a enormous advertising mechanism, many posters and billboards and even television adverts are making a point to mention their Facebook page. These types of businesses tend to be ‘business to consumer’ and you generally see targeted adverts for a wide range of goods and services from opticians, loans, mobile phones, home insulation etc.


What seems to be apparent is a lack of ‘business to business’ types of companies which don’t appear to be utilising these types of social networking? Why ?


In our opinion, as far as business advertising is concerned on social networks,  Facebook is probably more orientated towards a ‘business to consumer’ market whilst LinkedIn is probably more orietntated towards a ‘business to business’ market place.



How Big is the Social Networking Marketplace?


Social networking can provide a huge amount of advertisement opportunity for a company and with over 1 billion users on Facebook, as well as over 500 million users on Twitter followed by a further 400+ million users on the recently started Google+, the chance of a huge worldwide audience can be guaranteed.


A purely business based social network, LinkedIn also boasts a further 200 million users and for a company could prove a valuable tool to help build connections.


Social Networking for Business



  • Facebook   –   1 billion users
  • Twitter      –   500 million users
  • Google +   –   400 millions users
  • LinkedIn    –   200 million users




Should Employees have access to social network sites whilst at work?


In our opinion, access to social networking sites, particularly for promoting your business should be a business decision made be the management or marketing team rather than on an individual basis.


The biggest flaw in Social networking is human error or rather poor judgement, comments can be made without thinking of how the message will be interpreted or messages are posted as response, an expresion or emotive response . These are generally the ones which reach the press.


Social networking for business should be done in a more planned and controlled manner and in a timely fashion. This means that ultimately, everyone within a company may not need to directly use social networking, but everyone within the business might be able to contribute to the business’ social networking efforts.



Business Tools


Managing a wide range of social networks can be very time consuming and costly in time, although there are a number of tools which can reduce the amount of hours you would normally spend managing your posts and reading responses.


Tweet Deck        –       www.tweetdeck.comSocial Networking for Business

Hoot Suite          –      www.hootsuite.com




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