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How Fast Is My Broadband Connection

April 12th, 2011

Broadband Speed Problems?

slow broadband


Is your broadband running slow, or perhaps you dont really know what speed your broadband is running at, or if there is a fault and were  wondering what checks you can do yourself.


Your broadband speed will be dependant upon a number of factors, namely the distance from your local BT Exchange, the quality of cable from the exchange, the number of broadband users at your BT exchange, your internal telephone wiring within your building, other telephony devices within your building, faulty microfilters, throttling at the BT telephone exchange / ISP or any combination of these.


You can usually check your broadband connection speed by looking at your router connection information. You can compare the router information against these tests to Identify your actual Broadband SpeedMicrosoft Small Business Specialist



If your broadband speed is slower than you would normally expect you can try the following troubleshooting list:-


  • Ensure a microfilter is fitted on each telephone socket that is in use
  • Try your ADSL router in the BT master socket
  • Ensure your router firmware is up to date
  • Try unplugging other telephony devices on the broadband  telephone line

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By comparing the BT SpeedTester results with other Broadband speed test you can get an idea if your broadband is being throttled at the local BT Telephone Exchange or by the Internet Provider (ISP)




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