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Sending Eshots Through Exchange Server

February 8th, 2011

Hopefully if you are here – you are looking to send an Eshot out through your Microsoft Exchange Server to a database of email addresses and are looking for some advice on the best way to tackle this.



There are several main considerations you need to think about and the main one is how long do you want to give your mail server indigestion for? A small eshot might be completed in several hours but a larger one can go on forMicrosoft Small Business Specialist days, during this time you will probably find other business emails are being delayed going out.

Instead of sending and eshot  via Outlook & Exchange consider using an online service like MailChimp, IContact or Constant Contact. There are plenty of benefits of using an online company



  • Your Exchange Server will not get indigestion
  • Your IP won’t run the risk of getting blacklisted
  • You can upload your mailing / contact list
  • You can test your email to see if will get caught in SPAM systems before you send it
  • You can see who has opened your email and clicked on linksMicrosoft Partner
  • You can easily manage unsubscribers


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