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Exclaimer Email Disclaimers

January 9th, 2011


Avoid a fine of £1000 and a daily fine of up to £300



Since the 1st October 2008, your company could face a considerable fine for not ensuring all it’s business emails contain specific information about it.

The Companies Act 1985 requires all LTD, PLC, and LLP companies to include the following details on all it’s business e-mails:


  • The Company registration number.
  • The place of registration. (E.g. Scotland & Wales)
  • The Registered office address.


This must be presented in a clear a legible manner. Although many companies add signatures, Confidentiality notices and Disclaimers to their emails, these are often inconsistent between users, computers and mobile devices, and when new people join this is an important task easily forgotten.




For many businesses it can be very difficult to police their email systems and ensure each user meticulously complies with not only business law but the company policies on email and internet use. It can be impossible to check every computer,workstation, laptop and mobile phone (or ipad) complies with email disclaimer policy – thats before we begin to look at remote and home users (thats another bag of worms!)


In an age where company personnel will send emails from a range of different sources including Office mail, Web mail or a portable handheld device the chances of a single email slipping through the net is even greater. Unfortunately one improperly disclaimed email is all it could take to land your company a significant fine.




Thankfully there’s a simpler, more cost effective way!

Thankfully you don’t need to worry about this issue any longer if you speak to the right I.T experts, there is now a simpler, more cost effective and relatively inexpensive way to ensure all your business emails remain legal, a method which is not dependent on individual users or computers and doesn’t have any time implication at all.


If you are using Microsoft Small Business Server (2003, 2008 or 2011), or Microsoft Exchange (2003, 2007 or 2010) you can install some disclaimer software directly on the Exchange Server and this software will automatically disclaim emails as they leave your server



Automatically and Reliable – Guaranteed!

This disclaimer software will automatically add the vital business information to each and every outgoing email. Wherever your company email is sent from, Disclaimer will ensure your business stays legal


If you need an I.T expert to take a fresh look at how your business works and to dicusss how you can make significant and affordable productivity improvements to your business why not give us a call and let us Empower Your Business For GrowthContact Us



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