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Apple IPhone Internet Tethering

May 18th, 2010


Were you aware that you can use your laptop almost ANYWHERE?


Just by ‘tethering’ your Apple IPhone to your laptop and using the 3G mobile internet connection built into the IPhone, you can surf the internet, use Outlook, check your email, connect to your company’s CRM systems, use the company’s accounts system and generally work remotely as though you were in the office?


The Apple IPhone support a technology called ‘tethering’ and using this technology you can use the internet almost anywhere you have a mobile phone signal. This is ideal for the following mobile computing users:-


  • Remote or Mobile Sales Person
  • Director wanting a remote access facility
  • Key personel who are on holiday or need mobile access
  • Company owner
  • Or as a mobile computing system for a whole sales force


Firstly make sure are running the latest version of ITunes and your Apple IPhone is running the latest version of the Apple IOS, if not, update as necessary.


You can operate the ‘tethering’ link either by plugging in your IPhone into the laptop via the supplied Apple USB cable or via a Bluetooth connection if you laptop has one inbuilt.


Step 1
On your IPhone go into the Settings menu and then General
Choose Network and then select Internet Tethering  Choose Network Settings
 Internet Tethering Selection Select Internet Tethering
Change the Internet Tethering option from Off (default) to on.  Internet Tethering On

Once the Internet Tethering Option is turned on, a new network connection will appear in the Network Control panel on your Microsoft Windows laptop.





Job done – you should now be able to surf from anywhere!


Century IT Services recommends you check with your mobile phone provider to ensure that ‘Internet Tethering’ is available for your mobile phone tarrif and you understand if there are any additional charges applicable. Make sure Internet Tethering is turned off after use to avoid any unecessary data charges.

Remember – Your Internet connection speed is wholly dependant upon your mobile phone signal. To achieve the best Internet browsing experience, Century IT Services recommends you use Internet Tethering in a mobile 3G enabled area.

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