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USB 1.0 vs USB 2.0

September 14th, 2009

Most computers or laptops nowadays usually have a selection of USB ports that you can plug external devices into to extend the functionality of your computer system i.e. external hard disks, external tape drives, digital cameras, memory card readers, USB memory sticks etc.


Modern computers and laptops usually come with USB 2.0 ports as standard, whilst older computers only have USB 1.0Computer Support, Network Support, Server Support


As with all technology, advances have been made over the years to improve speed and performance. To maintain backward compatibility, newer types of USB ports come with the same type of connector as the older USB ports, so older USB devices can still connect and operate.



The main difference between USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 is the performance or throughput; the USB 2.0 ports are much faster than the earlier USB 1.0. USB 2.0 has an maximum throughput of around 480 mps (megabits per second) whilst USB 1.0 only has an average throughput of 12 mbps. That makes USB 2.0 as much as 40 times as quick as the older USB 1.0


This means that if it takes around 40 minutes to transfer some files to a USB 1.0 device, using USB 2.0 it could potentially take only 1 minute.


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Proactive Monitoring 24×7

September 1st, 2009


Proactive Monitoring is the modern way to manage a computer network



The traditional method of computer support or network support has always been Reactive, i.e. you notice a problem and then report it to your IT support company.



Proactive Computer Support is the modern way to manage your computer network. A properly monitored, proactive computer network service can help you cut costs by identifying problems or issues before they affect your business for example would you know if :-



  • Backups are Failing
  • Anti Virus software not updating on ALL computers
  • Web site is not online or available
  • Server running out of disk space
  • Server Hard Disk failure



Wouldn’t you like to know if your computer network had problems before they affect your business?



Proactively Monitored Network checks


  • Backup Monitoring
  • Server Disk Health
  • Disk Space Monitoring
  • Exchange Store Monitoring
  • Anti Virus Checks
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Web Site Monitoring
  • Hacker Checks  

Asset Tracking

Another benefit of Proactive Monitoring is the Asset Tracking which can provide you with a monthly list of all computers and servers on your network along with their hardware specifications and serial numbers? Such information can help you identify old or problem machines so you can plan at budget times for upgrades and replacements, after all no one like those unexpected expenses.


 asset tracking



Network Security

Installing the monitoring software client is easy, safe and secure using the latest https encrypted technology to pass critical alerts back to our monitoring system, and you won’t need to degrade your existing firewall security by opening any additional ports or pin holes.


Monthly Reports

Customers on our Proactive Monitoring service (Century Plus) receive monthly reports which uses our unique traffic light system so you can quickly identify problems or issues that have occured. Monthly reports include:-


  • Server Tape Backup history
  • Anti Virus update history
  • Disk Space & Historical usage
  • SPAM detection statistics
  • Server Physical Disk Health
  • List of support calls logged in calendar month
  • List of Hardware Assets including specification

 computer support

Would you like to know about that network problem before it impacted your ability to do business?


Do you have that nagging worry that your backup probably hasn’t worked for some time?



Contact Us to find out how our Proactive Monitoring Service – Century Plus can help your business. (click here)



Century IT Services – Getting IT Right
roviding Computer Support & Network Support to businesses in Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey, Wiltshire, Sussex & Berkshire