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May 13th, 2009

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With an economic downturn history tells us there is an increase in crime. As well as the traditional notions of crime, this year has been cited for an explosion of cyber crime and online identity fraud. Were you aware that the majority of I.T security breaches come from within? Protecting your company by ensuring your computers are secure from internal as well as external threats should be your priority.


“Around 830,000 businesses in the UK suffered an online/computer related security incident in 2007/08”


Would you know if a disgruntled employee copied confidential data to a memory stick, or uploaded it to a web site? Do you know if emails are being sent containing confidential company information?


When considering the subject of computer network security a holistic approach should be taken.  Properly installed and supported computer networks should have layered security; starting at the perimeter of the network, and ending with robust security policies on the user’s computers.


“Often reliable computer networks are not the largest, or ones that have had the most money spent on them, it’s just they were properly planned and considered”


Improving your computer systems can increase productivity.  These increases can be made in several ways; by making your computers more secure, by allowing remote access for workers away from the office, and also computerising manual processes to save you time. These changes will make your systems slicker, high tech and more importantly secure.


Century IT Services offer a range of support options to suit different types of business and budgets. We are particularly skilled in fault finding on some of the most troublesome computer networks.



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