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April 9th, 2009

 Swine flu is the current biological disaster which is threatening to become a worldwide problem, before that I seem to remember it was bird flu, blue tongue or foot & mouth disease.



For many businesses, in the least it will probably mean workers not turning up for work or the government enforcing quarantine or restricted travel arrangements. Complying with any rules will obviously be everyone’s duty and moral responsibility, but after that where does this leave British businesses and the U.K economy?



Short term we could be just talking about losing trade & business, perhaps an accountable financial loss. Longer term, the question has to be how long can British businesses survive without service or sales especially in the current global economy.



Large or corporate companies who have embraced globalization probably have a tried & tested business continuity plan, but what about the millions of small & medium sized businesses? What business continuity options are open to them? Every business is different, each having different priorities and concerns.



Many businesses nowadays are heavily reliant on information technology, even though IT can be a large part of the business continuity subject, business continuity is not just about the topic of information technology, it should cover a vast range of issues for example:-



  • Do you have all your employee contact details & next of kin?


  • Do you have your customer, supplier or banking details to hand?


  • Can your employees do anything productive working from their homes?


  • What essential business functions must continue in any emergency?


  • How will you communicate the plan to everyone involved?



There are many questions to consider, some will probably require much debate among your key staff. Many small and medium sized business simply do not have a business continuity plan or have considered what if scenarios. In the current competitive world out performing your competitors is often key to survival.




Century IT Services can help you address the IT issues. We can advise on computer systems and infrastructure to enable remote users to access business critical applications and help your company continue trading. We can also advise on how remote users can use VoIP technology telephones to communicate with each other, the office, your customers & suppliers.



Being a remote user or home worker need not mean being disconnected from your business, colleagues, clients or suppliers. Being in a situation where you have to force your employees to work from a remote location or their homes doesn’t mean that business should stop.



Careful planning could see your business continue trading in some of the most difficult times. If you don’t see this opportunity, the risk is your competitors will and seize the moment and leave your business behind.



Should you wish to have a confidential & without obligation discussion of your needs, contact the writer, Paul Marsh, Century IT Services 

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