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You are attempting to open a file that was created in an earlier version of Microsoft Office. This file type is blocked from opening in this version by your registry policy setting

March 7th, 2009

microsoft_small_business_specialist_logoWe have noticed problems with Microsoft Office 2003 after applying Office 2003 SP3 updates.

Files created with earlier versions of Microsoft Office 2003 would not open and came up with an error message saying that registry policy would not allow the open of files from earlier versions of Word!



It seems that this block of older word files is a feature of Office 2003 SP3… It use is supposed to block some older Office document files which were created in earlier versions of Office. These earlier document versions could be opened in pre-SP3 version but are now considered possibly unsafe.



To re-enable functionality of opening previous versions of Office documents you will need to follw a Microsoft support document which will involve the editing of your registry.