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2hr Free Offer

September 7th, 2008


Do you have computer problems?


Does your server keep crashing?


Is your backup intermittent?


Is your network slow?



Not sure which I.T. company to contact?pm

My name is Paul Marsh, I am one of the partners at Century IT Services, and I am willing to offer you 2 Free Hours of engineers’ time to troubleshoot any server or networking problem you may have free of charge.

There is no catch, no hidden charges, no contract to sign, just a simple, honest offer that you will find difficult to match elsewhere.



Why would I do this?

Experience has shown me that a majority of companies continue to accept poor service from their IT support company, but are reluctant to change suppliers!


I would like to prove to you that we can do a better job that your current IT support company by removing the risk from you trying someone new. I am confident that you will be delighted with our IT services and that you will use us again or become one of our happy and satisfied customers.



What can I use the 2 free hours offer for?

The 2 free hours offer can be used for any number of IT problems; Examples:-


  • Troubleshoot server or networking problems
  • Test backups, perform test restores
  • Check for viruses, spyware and security issues
  • Network or Server Performance Issues
  • Email Problems


Even if you don’t have an immediate problem, you can register your company to ensure that you don’t miss out on this great offer.



Why is Century IT Services Different?

Century IT Services is very different, the three company partners, have each spent many years in the IT industry, building experience, a range of industry based qualifications and importantly a very good understanding of what actually ensures customer satisfaction.


We are skilled in specifying, supplying and installing computers, networks, servers, internet, security and email solutions. We are particularly skilled in fault finding on some of the most troublesome networks. We consider ourselves to be experts in our field and partnered with all of the main technology vendors.


We have many satisfied clients, some of who have volunteered testimonials for publication on our web site. However if you are still unsure or not convinced with the testimonials on our web site, talk to me and I will provide you with some alternative reference sites you can talk to. We treat each of our clients as a potential reference site, and our reputation for customer service is second to none.











Questions you may have:-

Q.        What happens once you have diagnosed or repaired our fault

A.         As I have said, you are under no obligation, nothing to sign, no charge. Although I would like to provide you with a no obligation quote to support your computer network for a yearly fixed cost, no matter how many support incidents you have.


Q.        What if you can’t fix our problem within 2 hours free offer?

A.         We will update you on our progress and diagnosis. We will give you an estimate of what parts or if further labour is required. As I have said, you are not under any obligation, nothing to sign, no charge.



Ok, I am Interested, what do I need to do?

To take advantage of this great offer or if you have any further questions, you can either contact me by telephone (023 80 070 101) or you can use the ‘register free’ form on our web site.

As you will appreciate, I can only agree so many free 2 hour network support offers per month and this offer is proving to be very popular, so to avoid disappointment, don’t delay and book yourself an appointment.

To my knowledge, computer problems seldom get better by themselves!




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