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Secure your data or lose it!

August 7th, 2008

Have you considered the implications to your business if one of your employees lost their laptop or PDA device or had it stolen from their car?



  • Do your employees routinely have company data on their portable computers?


  • Is it backed up or are there copies on your server?

 Data Encryption

  • If lost, can the data be retrieved by someone else?


  • Is the data of a sensitive nature? i.e. financial or personal identifying details?


  • Would it be a problem if your company data suddenly became public?


  • Could your company recover from adverse publicity surrounding the loss of personal data?


  • Could your company continue trading after this?


Don’t rely on Windows passwords alone to secure your laptops and think this is sufficient, any computer techie worth his salt could crack a windows password in a few minutes with an amateur cracker taking only slightly longer.


To protect your company against loss of a laptop, you should be ensuring that each laptop or mobile computer is adequately encrypted. This means that there is a mechanism in place which will encrypt the computer hard disk making it very difficult for the computer to be accessed by someone else.Is your data safe?


A good encryption system can encrypt the whole drive, not just specific folders or files, it would also automatically encrypt new files as they are added to the laptop rather some manual or user operated method. This will ensure that the hard disk cannot be removed and put into another computer system and then accessed.



If your laptops and portable computers are not properly secured, it is in your best interest  ensure it is done as soon as possible.


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