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When I delete files from my hard disk is it really deleted or can someone access it?

July 22nd, 2008

istock_000006308318smallWere you aware that when you delete files from your computer that the files are not really deleted and can be undeleted? Defragmenting your hard disk after deleting files or rebooting your computer will make no difference.


Some companies, when disposing of their IT assets don’t even bother erasing the contents of their computer or server hard disks, or ensuring their IT support company properly erases the contents.


There has been a lot of bad press recently about hard disks, computers and servers being sold on EBay, found in computer auctions or sold on from companies which recycle computers. This IT equipment has been found to still contain the previous owner’s data and the data is still readable by the new owners!

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Basically this occurs because when you delete a file from your computer, only the information which maps the location of the file on the hard disk is erased, the location of the file still exists and the file still exists. These files can be retrieved using a range of readily available software titles on the internet or from your local computer shop. Undelete or un-erase software programs basically search the hard disk for files which can be undeleted and restore the ‘bookmark’ or location information so the files can be accessed again.


When disposing of computers and servers, you should ensure that the hard disks are professionally wiped, this means that some specialist computer hardware or software is used to properly erase the contents of the hard disks. The contents are erased by writing a sequence of meaningless data to each area of the hard disk, often several times over, this is normally enough to stop the opportunists or even an experienced computer technician.  More intensive and a more complicated pattern of writes means the less likely a 3rd party will be able to see your data after you have disposed of the computers or servers.

Aldbourne CAN

July 16th, 2008




This summer has seen Century IT Services provide an internet café solution for the village of Aldbourne in Wiltshire.



The internet cafe is set in the centre of the village in a converted building; it has kitchen and toilet facilities along with desks for 10 people, it also has a chill out area with tables and two black sofas.


The internet cafe is made up of 11 HP computers, 17″ flat panel monitors, webcams, colour printers and a modern web filtering device.


There is also some Xbox game consoles connected to large flat panel HD televisions mounted on the wall. It is also planned to use the CAN for teaching people how to use computers and digital cameras etc




The internet cafe was officially opened on 24th June 2008 by Chairman of the Parish Council, Brian Buckler, although the cafe will be fully open once volunteers and an employed youth worker can be found to run the day to day activities.


The internet cafe was the idea of the Aldbourne Youth Council and the village Website Group and it was funded by a grant from Kennet District Council, Sarcen Housing association, The National Lottery, GWR Kidz and Wiltshire Young Peoples Opportunity Fund.



Nick Wilkinson, a member of the Aldbourne CAN group helped identify the I.T requirements and coordinate tenders from local I.T companies. Century IT Services won this tender after competing with many other local companies.




In the past the Aldbourne Youth Council has:

  • Raised funds with a Sponsored Bike Ride, visited other youth organisations to help advise them on how to set up a youth council, delivered power point presentations to Parish Councils.
  • Had a BMX track and Youth Shelter built for community use, arranged, organised and ran an Alternative Sports Day for the community of Aldbourne as a celebration and fundraising event where MP Michael Ancram came to offer his support and agreed to play his guitar to the crowds alongside the youth band who were playing there.
  • Won the Philip Lawrence Award in December 2006 and a Deutch bank spotlight highly commended award for their efforts to improve the facilities for the community where they live.
  • Laid play bark in a children’s play area to save the Parish Council money, put up nest boxes in Rectory Wood and worked with the Aldbourne Volunteers to Plant Hedges on Palmers field and clear the tennis court of moss, weeds and debris on Southward Lane.




The overall operations of the Internet cafe will be run by a management team drawn from both the Youth Council and the Website Group.





The website group will now begin to create a new village website and together with the Youth Council and other village organisations, develop a valuable digital archiving service for the village.  There are also plans for a large display cabinet to go on the wall inside the CAN which will display original pieces of village history and pieces will be rotated to maintain interest.



For more information about the project, see the CAN website www.aldbournecan.com