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What is VoIP and how can it benefit me?

March 7th, 2008

VoIP is a technology which converts speech into computer data packets so it can be transmitted over computer networks and the Internet. For years msn messenger, Skype and Microsoft net meeting (to name a few) have been providing software that utilises VoIP technology to enable users to communicate over the internet with phones and video calls. Use of these technologies has boomed since the advent and more widely take up of broadband solutions for home and business users.snom-870


Traditionally for a business, a telephone system would have involved a piece of telephone system hardware where all your office telephones would have been wired back to. For many this was probably one of the biggest investments a business might make.


With the evolution of computing, the internet, broadband and network technologies, computer networks are being used for a wider range of functions than the traditional file and print.


A software based business VoIP telephone system can be installed for a fraction of the cost of a traditional hardware PBX/PABX telephone system. It can utilise existing computer network cabling without the need for separate phone wiring. You can also choose from a wide range of VoIP handsets, often mixing and matching different handsets as your business requires. The benefit here is you are not fixed to a single provider or manufacturer.


With a VoIP telephone system you can enjoy features which would only normally be present in large or corporate phone systems i.e. call queuing, music on hold, digital receptionists and integration into your CRM solution to name a few.


These additional telephone features can help your business by ensuring it is more productive

  • The digital receptionist can route call to the correct person or department, increasing efficiencies rather than your customers or suppliers waiting for a ringing phone to be answered.
  • The call queuing feature may be useful if you receive a lot of calls and don’t want to miss a call, incoming calls can be queued and then answered in turn.
  • The CRM integration maybe useful if when the telephone rings, the callers information is displayed on your CRM system, i.e. account number, credit limit, order details etc




Another advantage of VoIP telephone systems is the ability to place telephone extensions at remote locations:-


  • The Director’s home office
  • A remote or home worker
  • An out of hours emergency telephone
  • A branch office


These remote telephone extensions can be a part of the office telephone system and can be used in the same manner as the office telephones, i.e. to take or make telephone calls, transfer calls, conference calls. As the VoIP technology works over the internet, as long as the remote location has a suitable internet connection, all that is normally needed is a VoIP compatible telephone.


Besides making and receiving telephone calls via your traditional phone lines (i.e. Analogue or ISDN) you can also have the benefit of making telephone calls out over the internet. Using a VoIP provider on the internet you can make telephone calls to anywhere for a fraction of the cost of a traditional land line. There are a lot of VoIP providers on the internet, all seeming offering a similar service, I would recommend seeking professional advice before choosing one.


To discuss which phone system and features are suitable for your company, call Century IT Services on 02380 070101, if you mention this blog article you can claim 10% off your order!




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